the-salt-weave-znaor-05_orig11221734_10207381743969210_6384402501428384498_oLoulé, Portugal, Saltmine 2017


Natural building workshop, Sintra, Portugal.

’ What does it mean to be wilder? Wilder than what? What does it mean to be more natural?
I am interested in what and, by extension, when and where rewilding refers to as it has
moved into various geographies across the globe. ’ (Jørgensen 2015,482) .

Concepts of naturalness have been changing over the years. Hull (2000) present three
definitions of naturalness: ‘’1) naturalness is associated with a state of the environment that
existed at some previous point in time ( original nature), 2) it is a state of the environment
that exist in the absence of human modification ( pristine, wild nature), and 3) it is associated
with a slow, or ‘’natural’’ rate of change.’’ (Gobster and Hull 2000: 100) .

Those three definitions evoke the question: Which state is better than another? Which
conditions would correspond to our time and need of environment in creating better space to



2017 sheeps in the city of Barcelona, participation in creating landscape transitions and movement.